11910376_1620927368173305_2108380514_nThis is pushing the boundaries. We have seen dashiki rocked by ladies, we have even seen agbada rocked by ladies but not like the way @clarchii rocked hers . She complements with a cap. However did she think of this look? She is an Igbo girl who was invited to a Yoruba wedding and decided to turn up in agbada.

I love the contrast of colours and the purse & pumps she used in accessorizing. So unique, chic, glam and fabulous. I know some people might not like this but this is what fashion and style is. You do not have to conform to laid down standards.11934816_160417737632054_509404826_n clarchii complete agabada 11918028_1683756281855393_499914649_n

Image Credit:- Instagram/clarchii

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