african-american-wedding-joshua-dwain_munaluchi004One of the worst things that could happen to a bride after months of maintaining a healthy diet is for you to be unable to fit into your wedding dress because you are bloated.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this potential problem, the below are seven foods to eliminate before your big day.

  1. Junk Food- While you might be stressed out due to the wedding planning, reaching for comfort food will only give you a momentary lapse from the pressure and leave you feeling bloated, and puffy.

  2. Dairy Products- This is one of the more common food sensitivities out there, leading to bloating, gas, and cramps. Keep the odds in your favor by eliminating dairy products a week or two before the wedding.

  3. Beans- Although beans is a good source of protein, it usually causes gas as it contains a type of sugar not digestible by the body, so, stick to other sources of protein.

  4. Salty Foods

  5. Alcohol- This definitely causes bloating and puffiness so, cut out alcohol during the two weeks leading up to the big day.

  6. Carbonated Beverages- Anything that has bubbles will leave you feeling gassy and bloated all at once.

  7. Chewing Gum- There are many varieties that contain bloat-inducing sugar alcohol, and chewing on gum causes you to swallow more often, including an excess amount of air that goes straight to your belly.

In order to avoid being bloated, puffy or gassy on your special day, try cutting out salty foods, eating a lot of fiber and drinking tons of water.

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