We all have those high heel moments that we’d gladly expunge from history. High heels will always add up your look by giving you an elegant , sexy and refined look, but we all have those moments when we’ve wished we were on anything but high heels! These are 5 of those shaming moments we’ve witnessed wearing high heels:

1. That moment when you suddenly miss a step, but miraculously escape falling on your face: You put up a s*ht happens face, but your body is 1000 degrees hotter.

2. That moment when you’ve walked on high heels for hours, that you suddenly start walking like a bear: You’re trying your best to have a sophisticated walk, but your legs are giving you away.

3.That” we’ve come to the end of the road moment”,  when the pain is so maddening, that you just have to take them off: Flip flops or sandals would be life savers in this situation, but in their absence, you wouldn’t mind walking on ten toes! 

4. That moment when you’re taken back to your toddler days: In this case, you’re forced to hold somebody, anybody, because you can hardly walk without falling . In your mind, you make a million promises that you’d never wear those bloody heels!

5. That moment when your feet have become so numb that walking is the biggest task of the day: In this case, walking at a snail’s pace would be a very graceful way of walking, but you can’t even afford it!

Who has a similar story to share?


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