Natural-hair-struggle-pfIts not enough to just wear a nice weave/braid or style your natural hair without ensuring that the roots underneath don’t smell. I know so many guys who cannot stand the smell from ladies hairdo- especially weaves and even braids. Dear Sis, you do not have to keep your hairdo extending into 4-6 weeks, even your roots deserve a breath of fresh air. Yes! sure, nobody ever comes close enough to take a whiff but if you can smell it, others can.

Quick exercise: take 2mins to think…do you consciously take time to ensure that your hair remains shiny and smell-free all day?? If your answer is no then please find tips on how to keep your hair smelling nice all day.
1. Regular combing: this does not just smoothen out your hair but it also removes dirt and dusty particles that can accumulate and cause your hair to smell.

2. Scented hair products: from shampoos to hair creams and spray, opt for hair care products with perfumes/scents that appeals to you, so you’ll also be making yourself smell amazing whilst keeping your hair smelling nice too.

3. Heat: Heat causes your scalp to sweat which in turns results in a smelling bad hair day. Avoid places or activities that cause you generate heat and cause you to sweat.

4. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is healthy for your hair so if you like the smell of it, just grab a lemon or two, juice it, and apply it to your hair. This would leave you smelling like a citrus fruit all day long.

5. Apply Methylated Spirit- This is excellent for braids, my elder sister taught me this trick while growing up. Simply apply some methylated spirit to cotton wool and apply to the roots of your hair, not everyday, just once or twice before you take out the hair is fine so that it is not too harsh on your scalp.

6. Invest in Wigs- Oh I love thee wigs. If you want to get rid of hair smell, patapata, you can do corn rows to your natural hair and wear a wig if you need to appear chic to the office etc. You of course can flip it off once you arrive home allowng your hair breathe. The heat and humid condition most of us live in is what makes the hair smell so bad in the first place.

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