landscape-1433555936-gettyimages-548002891It hurts to see women with gorgeous hairstyles baring scanty edges due to many reasons. There’s so much pressure on those edges all in the name of’ ”neatness” and in the long run, it leads to gradual loss of the hair in that region.
But, fret not! If peradventure, you find yourself in this category, you could totally grow your edges back naturally.

1. First off, lay off tight hairstyles that puts pressure on your edges e.g braids, twists and ghana weaving. You’re gonna have to ditch them for a while if you’re serious about this business. Instead opt for less tensioned styles like weaves and wigs that would enable you focus squarely on your edges. Very important!


2. Next, you need to purchase a bottle of Castor oil – either the clear one which is the Pure Castor oil sold in pharmacies or the dark one like Jamaican Black Castor oil – and begin application 3-4 days a week. Gently massage the oil into your edges and watch them come back to life. It should also be applied in small quantities as it has a very thick consistency so it doesn’t lead to build-up.

3. Finally, the most importance thing during this process is patience. Your edges aren’t going to grow back overnight. You need to set realistic goals and work towards it. Don’t forget to keep to keep head gears and accessories off your edges for a while.


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