DSC02508We have all had to deal with either dry or flaky scalps or both at the same time; It’s never fun.

Hairstylist and colorist, Meri Kate O’Connor of Eva Scrivo salon in New York City, gives a few routine changes in your daily hair-care lineup that can help soothe your irritated scalp.

So try to incorporate these few tips into your everyday beauty routine and see those desired changes for yourself.

1. Brush your hair twice a day

Morning and night, brush your hair thoroughly with a mixed-bristle (plastic and boar) brush.

“The bristles help to distribute the oils evenly throughout your whole head and exfoliate at the same time,” says O’Connor.

“It also stimulates the blood flow in your scalp to release more oils and unclog the hair follicles, which will also help to stimulate hair growth,” she adds.

2. Use an exfoliating shampoo

“These formulas gently exfoliate the scalp and get rid of dead skin cells and product buildup,” explains O’Conner

3. Wash your hair more frequently

It may seem counterintuitive, but “if you’re not washing your hair enough, it can lead to product buildup, which can lead to clogged hair follicles,” O’Conner says. “Clogged hair follicles can cause minor to severe scalp irritation, in other words, a dry, flaky scalp and, in worst-case scenarios, hair loss.”

So make sure to give yourself a good shampooing and nice scalp massage every third day.

Note: If you’re doing all these things and still not seeing improvements in your scalp health and flaking, you could have a slightly bigger problem.

“It could be dermatitis or eczema,” says O’Conner, “and you should check with your doctor for alternate forms of treatment.” 


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