Free-shipping-summer-small-suit-jacket-female-medium-long-slim-one-button-polka-dot-blazers-forToo big, boring, looking for a way to change your style routine? There are several ways you can spice up the blazers in your closet, making it look exciting and new.

See them below:-

1. Cinch it up- Get a wide belt and voila, a new whole look.2014-new-springn-small-suit-jacket-office-coat-fashion-casual-Slim-temperament-small-business-suit-female.jpg_220x220

2. Pair with a brooch- Brooches are so trendy these days, you can opt for a very big brooch which takes the attention from anything you are hiding on the blazer.balmain-black-jacket-with-big-crystal-brooch-profile

3. Turn up- No  need wearing a blazer with the whole length. You will look extra chic when you turn up to like three- quarts of the sleeves, thereby revealing the fabric inside.IMG_4337

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