PicMonkey-Collage14You might think they look good on everyone else but you. Wrong! It’s all about how you wear them. Or maybe you do have a few pairs but just aren’t sure how exactly to style them. Just follow these tips, and watch those compliments flooding in!

1.Pair your high-waisted jeans with a single-colour crop top and a bright blazer.MG_4440a

2.On a slightly cooler day, you can make your favourite tank top work by tucking it into a pair of HW jeans and topping it off with an oversized cardigan.836238409638976150_244561251

3.For a more sophisticated look, tuck a button-down shirt into your HW jeans, and pair it with a big clutch and some pointed heels.folake-huntoon-style-pantry-denim-2

4.Try rolling up your HW jeans and wearing it with a cropped cardigan. Comfortable and very cute!DSC_6557

5.Feeling casual? Pair your HW boyfriend jeans with a loose black or white top, a jacket, and a pair of sneakers or heelsMG_9778a

6.Have you tried a cropped dashiki top with a pair of dark HW jeans. All you need is some heels!folake-huntoon-dashiki-shirt-clothing-ciaafrique

7.Wear your jeans with a loose crop top, a lovely, long, patterned kimono and a pair of strappy sandals.aquamarine-zara-dress-red-zara-dress-sky-blue-seven7-jeans-white-h-m-top_400

Good to go!

Picture Credit:- Folake Huntoon of Style Pantry

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