Weight loss expert, Olu Aijotan answers this question perfectly. A lot of people have doubts on whether to eat banana or not when trying to lose weight.

Not only that, some fitness trainers or weight loss enthusiast will encourage people NOT to eat Bananas because they believe it contain a lot of sugar and is fattening.

So the question is, should you REALLY eat banana for weight loss?

The short answer is YES!

But, let me explain WHY to you…..

You see….An average sized banana contains about 105 calories. Over 90% of all the calories in that banana contains carbs.

Banana’s is also a good source of several nutrients including potassium, Vitamin B and vitamin C.

Banana contains 27 grams of NATURAL sugar. This sugar is COMPLETELY different from the white granulated processed sugar that you add into your tea or drink.

This natural sugar is actually called Fructose, and the fructose sugar contained in bananas will not make you gain fat.

But that is not all, banana also contain a decent amount of fibre, which makes it very good for you.

As long as you are eating it as part of a healthy weight loss diet, it is perfectly nutritious and healthy to eat.

You can read more to get the full picture.

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