Know your Beauty Vendor- 5 THINGS you didn’t know about MUA Banke Meshida- Lawal of BMPRO



I am super excited. We are starting something brand new on this platform. Many of us know our Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Designers etc and all we know is that they are masters at their craft and so good at what they do.

So on Tomi’s Colour Pavilion, we will be showcasing our vendors with them telling us somethings we never knew about them and some elements about them you had always wanted to know.

To start, we have the very talented Banke Meshida- Lawal BMPRO and how good is that? 


In an interview while filming an episode of CELEBRITY CONNECT TV (I produce that as well), Banke answered some questions we have always pondered on.

Apart from the fact that as a successful makeup artist and she absolutely loveeeeeees Makeup, here are some things you probably never knew about Mrs Banke Meshida-Lawal.

  1. Banke grew up in Ife.
  2. She studied English Language at the University of Lagos ( where her Makeup journey took off whilst working on people’s faces. ) So she never went to a Makeup school before starting Makeup officially.
  3. Banke Meshida- Lawal loves cooking. She makes Local and Continental dishes so well that if you were invited to her house, you would think you were at a 5-star restaurant.
  4. Banke would have been a Diplomat as in an Ambassador to a country if she was not doing Makeup. She had always loved to travel and felt being a Diplomat would help her acheive her dreams. Well, I think Makeup has settled that.
  5. Lastly, Banke DOES NOT like her work being imitated. As she said, “I like setting trends and doing  unique things. So I prefer when people know me for that rather than seeing the Imitations poorly done.

Some of  BMPRO Jobs:-

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BM PRO can be reached via Instagram / banksbmpro/bmprolekki/bmproikejastudio/bmproabuja/bmpromakeup

Address:- 13b Awori road, Dolphin Estate, Lagos.

To watch the full Interview, please tune to STV NETWORK (DSTV 252) today November 16, 2016 by 8PM to watch the Celebrity Connect TV Show.

Celebrity Connect which is a show that brings Fans closer to Celebrities who they like to model is aired on STV NETWORK (DSTV 252) every Wednesday by 8pm.

So there you have it guys. Do you know anyone who will like to be showcased as a Beauty Vendor? Kindly reach us at



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