Ben Murray BruceYes, they do and it was for Senator Ben Bruce.  This is what was shared on their Instagram page.

Senator Ben Bruce@benmbruce in Agbada Designed by@EleganteByTiannahstyling @Dressmeoutlet launch & exhibition at The Intercontinental Hotel yesterday,specially Designed for him a day before,carrying our full signature embroidery like never seen Before,The senator supports the #BUYNIGERIA movement,showing the world that if we support our own ,we can also take over the world internationally,its so hard to do business abroad now.

All our fabrics via EleganteByTiannahstyling comes from there,due to increase in fuel and exchange rate, its so hard to do business abroad now,but we still manage and it affects our convenient rate for our clients,which literally makes everything more expensive,feeling your increase on your clothes, skinproducts, Braidwigcaps, Humanhair,Meat &Amala,etc..which you know we Run over 20 Businesses at TiannahsPlacempire, they will be forced to look for a cheaper option,not necessarily the best quality,And if we look around us, nigerians also produce good fabrics and The promotion of our own Trends will go far internationally,if we push and plan opportunities.

Wesaw @ciara in @Elegantebytiannahstyling Denim iro and buba, it made the Times in NYC, gettyimages, TMZ, BBC,CNN, name the platform abroad ,it trended and it was said her Nigerian Designer Toyin lawani did it,lets support the #Buynigeriamovement it will make our nation great..Article By#THEMASTEROFALLDESIGNERS
Photographed by @Ayokathompson of@Tiannahsphotostudio.
Fabric by @sisifabrics .


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