Pineapple is one of the most beneficial fruits on the planet, and its daily consumption provides numerous health benefits.


  • Prevent cancer

The high antioxidant levels, as well as the vitamin C in pineapples, prevent the creation of cancer cells, or “free radicals.” Researchers have also found that pineapples successfully prevent prostate and colon cancer.

  • Increases immunity

Pineapples are high in antioxidants which strengthen the immune system.

  • Digestion

The enzymes in pineapples help the process of digestion because of its powerful deconstructive properties.

  • Skin health

Pineapples are excellent to soothe inflammation and redness. They also support the production of collagen, so eating pineapples regularly will make your skin smooth, soft, and flexible.

  • Prevent fatigue

If you consume pineapples every day, it will help you prevent fatigue effectively. It is very high in manganese that is known to prevent cell damage and energize the body.

  • Blood Circulation

In a related benefit to the vasodilating potential of potassium, pineapples also provide the body with copper, another essential mineral that functions in a number of enzymatic reactions and compounds in the body. Most notably, copper is a necessary element for the formation of healthy red blood cells. High red blood cell count increases oxygenation to the various organ systems and makes them function at optimal levels. It also increases cognitive abilities and can maintain neural pathways to prevent neural disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease!

  • Eye Health

Vision is one of the most important senses for human beings, and pineapples have been directly connected to boosting eye health and preventing the age-related deficiencies that so often occur. Macular degeneration affects many elderly people, and beta carotene can help to delay this vision problem. Keeping proper amounts of beta-carotene in your diet from fruits and vegetables is essential if you want to properly see the world well into your old age.

  • Arthritis Management

One of the most celebrated uses of pineapple in terms of health is its ability to reduce the inflammation of joints and muscles, particularly those associated with arthritis, a truly debilitating disease that affects millions of people around the world. Pineapples contain a relatively rare proteolytic enzyme called bromelain, which is primarily associated with breaking down complex proteins, but it also has serious anti-inflammatory effects, and has been positively correlated with reducing the signs and symptoms of arthritis in many test subjects.

  • Soothes the scalp

Squeeze some pineapple, and add the juice in some olive oil. Then, add some almond milk, and stir well. Apply this mixture to the scalp and hair. Leave it to act for 10 minutes. Then, wash it off. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a week. You’ll notice that your hair has become softer, thicker and healthier than ever!

  • Coughs and Colds

The normal immune system boosting power of vitamin C is well known, but that special enzyme, bromelain, is also connected with the reduction of phlegm and mucus build up in the respiratory tracts and sinus cavities. It therefore prevents the illnesses that cause phlegm and mucus build-up, while also treating them by loosening those materials and helping you eliminate them from your body if you’ve already contracted an illness or infection.

  • Improves fertility

As we already mentioned, pineapples are high in minerals and antioxidants and they’re excellent in boosting fertility.

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