Linda Ikeji’s, younger sister, Laura Kanu who is heavily pregnant with her first child is in a very happy mood today and has been gushing about her marriage to Ogbonna Kanu as well as the reason she didn’t tell her friends she was dating then.

The love birds had their traditional wedding that took place in Laura’s home town in Nkwerre LGA, of Imo State, in December 2016.
She shared some lovely pictures of her traditional marriage on Instagram with the different captions:
”I couldn’t wait to get everything over with. Just wanted a quiet time with my man.
“None of my friends knew I was dating let alone ready to get hitched! Lol. I didn’t think I was ready myself, lol. But look at me now. I’m having fun.
“With me???? Nothing has changed. Same friends, same hangout spots, same clothes but a lil bigger, lol, same team, same hustle. That’s basically what you get when you marry your nicca lol. Nothing changes. The devil you know.”
Congratulations again Laura!

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