Anything to look younger. Over the course of history, women have gone to extraordinary lengths to look beautiful. From plastic surgery to sperm facials, the search for eternal youth is ongoing.

According to Daily Mail, some women claim to have found the answer to a wrinkle free face without having to go under the knife or endure injections. 

The secret? Vaginal tightening cream. 

The creams, which are often marketed on late-night television claim to be able to ‘shrink’ the inside of the vagina, making sensation more pleasurable during sex.


One Australian woman, Eva, said that she decided to try using a vaginal tightening cream on her face after getting some of the Jo brand’s ‘body shrink’ cream for free.

‘I had some samples I was never going to use and had heard people talk about hemorrhoid cream as a good eye cream and I figured well why not,’ she told Daily Mail. 

‘I’m almost 40 and my eyes are a little baggy, I had nothing to lose. And I was actually quite surprised at how quickly and how well it seemed to work.’


However dermatologist Dr Saxon Smith, said that there’s no proof that the creams work.

‘There’s no evidence of vaginal tightening cream working in the vagina, let alone the face,’ he told Daily Mail.  

‘The companies claim they work but there are no clinical trials or evidence to support that. On another area of the body there’s even less evidence they would work.’


Dr Smith said that there is a chance that the cream could be damaging too, with risk of irritation, because of the vastly different PH balances in the vaginal area compared to the face. 

This may not be enough to deter people, who are desperate to look younger without resorting to cosmetic procedures. 

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