louis-vuitton-speedy-30-monogram-multicolore-canvas-icons--M92643_PM2_Front view_Louis Vuitton_handbag_Speedy Monogram MulticolorThe name might not ring a bell, but definitely the image looks familiar right? We have seen this LV bag, practically EVERYWHERE. The original ones and not quite.

Before everyone wanted to carry Alexander Wang’s studded Rocco or Givenchy’s Antigona duffel,  the celebrity crowd was obsessed with Louis Vuitton’s Takashi Murakami-designed Mulicolore monogram collection. Now, the bag—synonymous with early-2000s style—is officially no longer available for production.

According to WWD, an employee at the Louis Vuitton’s Saks New York store on Fifth Avenue said the collection will be “leaving stores at the end of July, forever.”

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- Episode 11 -- Aired 02/05/2005 -- Pictured: (l-r) Paris Hilton as Portia, Chris Parnell as Thomas the clerk during

The bags first made a splash in 2003, just as Paris Hilton was hitting the peak of her pop culture career and Jessica Simpson was the Kim Kardashian of the tabloids.

Marc Jacobs, then the label’s creative director, called on pop artist Murakami to redesign Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2003 accessories range, and the result was a candy-colored explosion that included the rainbow-colored monogram, as well as collections emblazoned with bright cherry blossoms and Panda Geant characters—all a departure from the brand’s signature brown and tan palette.

Inevitably, the Murakami monogram collection spawned millions of knockoffs and had women everywhere clamoring to own a piece—especially given it its placement in the tabloids thanks to fans like Hilton, Simpson, Nicole Richie .

Right now you can still shop a small collection at Saks, and WWD reports the “multicolore monogram designs are not on display at Louis Vuitton’s 57th Street flagship location in Manhattan, but salespeople will present merchandise to shoppers upon request.”

Until they sell out, of course. After that, it’s straight to eBay.

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