A makeup artiste has left not only her followers stunned, but the rest of social media after photos of her taking off her makeup begun trending online!

Social media user, @taniellemua took many by surprise after she started taking off her peel off her foundation revealing what was underneath  – in the photos now making rounds online, the artiste’s real face which is covered by acne can be seen in contrast with makeup on her face.



People were left shocked at the cake of make-up she uses to cover her acne, and some others saw it as deception, realists said she needs to let her face breathe so she can treat the acne instead of masking it up.


She however counters the opinion of many and said this below:-

So… In my most recent post I got to witness a whole discussion about acne and makeup. First of all I used liquid latex to create the peel (In the video you can see where I put the liquid latex) Same thing they use for film and halloween makeup to create scars, zombie skin etc. There are tons of vids on YouTube how to use liquid latex. Second, I live in Suriname where most of the time it’s 30C. So I barely even wear makeup cause of the humidity here (heat will open up my pores which could lead to makeup entering my pores bla bla bla… you get the gist). So please just stop with all the maybe you should wear less makeup and makeup makes it worse nonsense (cuz dude it doesn’t make it worse!) Third, for the people asking which foundation I used and that I used so many layers of foundation. Its just ONE THIN LAYER of @maybelline Better Skin Foundation, but keep in mind that the upper part of my face doesn’t really have severe acne like the lower part of my face. Last but not least I just want to thank you guys for all the advice on acne and everyone who stood up for me in the comments #wefamnow👊🏼

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