Has anyone noticed the hashtag #makeupisgenderless ? It’s said it’s not about getting more men to wear makeup, which it may seem at first glance. It’s about giving them the choice.

British blogger Jake-Jamie a.k.a The Beauty Boy, has made it his mission to smash the gender stereotype that guys shouldn’t harness the transformative power of makeup.

Whether visible or not, many men already wear makeup in a natural, functional way, yet even in 2016 they don’t have equal access to this life-changing tool without facing some judgment.

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As Jake-Jamie explains, it’s not about feminising fellas but making it genderless. “I honestly believe makeup can change certain individuals’ lives. It enables you to put your best face forward, and this means that people suffering from acne, scarring, rosacea, pigmentation, birthmarks, vitiligo and many other conditions can use makeup just to feel ‘normal’.”

It’s really struck a cord, not only with his audience who want to look like the best versions of themselves, but also with male and female makeup artists.

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