vllkyt10g2dfi3tg7o.ee715805Leilani Franco, from London, UK, is a professional contortionist, who is featured in the new Guinness World Records 2014 book for a trio of records she has set with her super supple body. Franco has parlayed her skills into a lifestyle and career, she has been working with the world-class cirques since age 16 and took part in various international competitions.vllkyt6urg0q9i365.071e3afb

She said: “People are always amazed and shocked and disgusted about what I do. Its really funny to see their reactions especially when I just do things randomly in public like bending. Its funny to see how they react to it. I never had to train to become really flexible I was just always really bendy. I really like smoking, drinking and eating fatty foods. vllkyt3eoas1fpslp.487fb84c

I invent new tricks by taking inspiration from everyday occurrences. For instance, I was brushing my teeth with my hands and I thought why not try it with my feet. I try to do everything with my feet or upside down as much as possible. Being 29-years-old I have not felt any repercussions yet. I have no injuries, I have never once been injured in my life and I don’t feel any signs of slowing down.”

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