Miss-Abigail-Udu-Nneka-winner-of-the-Most-Beautiful-Face-Nigeria-Planet (3)There’s actually a pageant called Most Beautiful Face in Nigeria Planet and the winner of this year’s pageant is the stunning,Miss Abigail Udu Nneka.  Miss Nneka won the pageant on 6 June, 2015 in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. The 22 year old just concluded her B.A in Philosophy from the University of Benin.

Miss Nneka shared stunning photos of herself rocking ball dresses and casuals to perfection. You can never have too many Beauty Queens right?Miss-Abigail-Udu-Nneka-winner-of-the-Most-Beautiful-Face-Nigeria-Planet (2) Miss-Abigail-Udu-Nneka-winner-of-the-Most-Beautiful-Face-Nigeria-Planet (1) Miss-Abigail-Udu-Nneka-winner-of-the-Most-Beautiful-Face-Nigeria-Planet

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