64OUCH has released the first of the two collections set for 2015, ‘VIP Only‘.

The Uche Nnaji owned fashion and lifestyle brand unveiled the new ‘head to toe’ collection titled ‘VIP Only’ featuring looks in bold vibrant colours and even bolder patterns.

VIP Only 2015, is a distinctive collection of well-crafted clothes and accessories for the individual who takes himself seriously; being an important indices and decision maker in his career, his family and the community.

69 61The VIP only collection, already in stores, is headlined by the 3-piece suit, which has proven to be one of the biggest international fashion successes of the 2014/2015 fashion year.

The OUCH variant comes in a wide array of colors and patterns, detailed pieces including the Double Breasted Suits and Blazers which seems to have made a strong return to the wardrobe of the style aficionados are also included in the collection.

The collection also features the award winning OUCH Platinum shirt- the Libero and Classic shirts from size 15-18 and over 60 designs in its neck and bow tie collection!

According to the designer, “OUCH is by this collection repositioning its brand thrust to reflect itself as a lifestyle company and not just a fashion brand and this new collection is the first installment in a long line of projects to delimit that“.

At OUCH we don’t call people who walk into our OUCHlet customers or clients, they are addressed as VIPs, and this forms the fulcrum of this collection“.

71 72More importantly as a lifestyle choice and an aspirational brand, OUCH presents an opportunity for the aspiring individual keen on moving up in life and taking his rightful place amongst the ‘high-society’ to step up to the plate. The VIP only collection brazenly asks ‘do you have the confidence to take centre stage in the theatre of your dreams?’

Apart from stocking the largest collection of male accessories in Nigeria, OUCH also presents its leatherworks collection of Italian crafted footwear, belts and its range of designer man bags that have been fondly referred to as ‘conversation starters.

43 59The new OUCH collection is for the man who is ahead of his peers and he is not scared to embrace the tenets of a lifestyle reserved for VIP ONLY.

Nollywood leading man and former Mr. Nigeria, Bryan Okwara and model and actor Melvin Orji are the face of OUCH for 2015/16.65 68 66 78 73 63 unnamed2

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