HORP2972-533x800Moofa has released their Resort 2016 collection and they were inspired by “the sounds, colours and beauty of the Sicily island in Italy”. Because of that, they titled the collection, Sicily.

According to the brand, “a visit to the city leaves one with a certain longing- the sheer simplicity, dainty and charming tranquillity of it’s lovely endowment is reminiscent of the adduce qualities of the MOOFA woman.”

The Creative Director/Designer Olayinka Aro-lambo said, “the few days I spent touring the cities of Italy left some nostalgic longings and prior to creating this collection, I struggled with different emotions – there were times I felt like running away to a place as peaceful as the lonely planet and there were also times I had the energy and zest to slug things out back home. The sweet blend of chaos and peace, good and bad, beauty and ash inspired me to create a collection that encapsulates my mindset and thought process at the time. My hope is that the Moofa woman finds the freedom to live and express her emotions without the fear of judgement.”

Moofa-1-533x800 Moofa-2-533x800Moofa-3-533x800 Moofa-4-533x800 Moofa-5-533x800 Moofa-6-533x800 Moofa-7-533x800 Moofa-8-533x800 Moofa-9-533x800 Moofa-10-533x800 Moofa-11-533x800 Moofa-12-533x800 Moofa-13-533x800 Moofa-14-533x800 Moofa-15-533x800


Photography: Horpload photography
Creative direction: Studio Matte
Makeup: Eseose Akhetuamen
Model:- Kehinde Adeyemi

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