Everleigh Soutas and Ava Foley, from San Jose, California, are best friends with an impeccable taste in clothes – even at just two years old.

2A1DF16100000578-3145601-image-m-54_1435753069247The girls’ penchant for high fashion and effortlessly coordinated outfits has seen them rack up an enviable Instagram following of more than 100,000. They have featured in campaigns for Guess and Kardashian Kids, and have also appeared in Vogue Australia.

Of course, being just tots, the girls need a helping hand getting dressed and posting photos online so their popular account is run by their two mothers. 

Savannah Soutas and Michelle Foley are also great friends, having known each other for more than ten years. 

Savannah is a professional photographer which helps the pair to capture idyllic shots of their popular daughters. Everleigh and Ava make the most photogenic friends but they are off-screen companions too with Savannah adding that they are completely inseparable. 

2A1DF15700000578-3145601-image-a-57_1435753426846 2A1DF18E00000578-3145601-image-a-47_1435752631208 2A1DF1DE00000578-3145601-image-a-52_1435753056331According to Ava’s mother Michelle, the girls always ensure that they are dressed in coordinating styles – and will arrange their outfits using Facetime whenever they aren’t together; the girls also get plenty of gifts from other sources, noting that their ever-increasing social media following is helping to boost their profile around the world, not just at home in the US.

2A1DF1D100000578-3145601-image-m-55_1435753295103 2A1DF1C600000578-3145601-image-m-46_1435752437732 2A1DF1BC00000578-3145601-image-a-49_1435752641564The girls receive clothing, accessories and toys from all over the world – so every day is like Christmas.

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