Did you know that Tigernuts are not nuts but Tubers and they belong to the Yam family???🤔🤔🤔 yes, no??? .
Tiger nuts are rich in protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals including Magnesium, Iron and Zinc. Tiger nuts have many benefits for health. They are:
🍿 They help in regulating the heart beat and maintaining normal blood pressure levels.
🍿 They act as a source of antioxidant. Vitamin E from tigernut acts as an antioxidant agent which slows down aging.
🍿 They help relieve headache.
🍿 They help prevent bloating.
🍿 They help relieve diarrhea.
🍿 They help boost the immune system.
🍿 They fight against bacterias in the body.
🍿 They prevent heart diseases.
🍿 They help in maintaining good digestion.
🍿 They help protect the body from cancer.
🍿 They help lower cholesterol.
🍿 They help prevent diabetes.
🍿 They help in maintaining a healthy liver.
🍿 They help relieve stress.
🍿 They help fight malnutrition, heals mouth and gum ulcers.
🍿 They help improve sex life and enhance fertility. Also helps to control menstruation in women.
🍿 They strengthen the muscles, bones and teeth.
🍿 They give the body it’s desired nutrients. However, they help in relaxation and solves insomnia problem.
🍿 They contain vitamins C and E which is very good for skin’s health. Tigernut is useful to moisturize skin and to maintain skin elasticity.
🍿 They help prevent anaemia.
🍿 They are good for the eyes as they contain Omega 3 which helps in maintaining eyes’ health.
🍿 Tiger nuts milk contains high calcium but low lactose and fat. They can be used as a substitute for dairy milk for those who are lactose intolerant

While it’s sweet, TIGERNUTS has very high insoluble fiber, hence while your regular carbohydrates breaks down to sugar in the body, TIGERNUTS provides mostly insoluble fiber which can’t be digested by your body. So most of what you take in goes out. Its one of the super foods highly recommended by dieticians now, even for diabetics.


Source:- Instagram / askdamz

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