13099073_1384887494871003_1309653903_nI bet a lot of people have seen these pictures right about now. Allegedly at a traditional wedding that took place in Isioziakah in Njaba LGA of Imo State, food, decor, or even entertainment of guests was not the highlight of the day. It was MONEY!!!

Nigeria is at it’s peak of people lamenting  about THREE major things namely:- INCREASE IN FUEL PUMP PRICE, RATE OF EXCHANGE RATE- which has led to inflation of general goods and the ridiculous rates, TOMATOES are sold.


Apparently, this family are not feeling the “heat” at all. When you have got it, you go out very hard. The Bride is happily dancing anyway and is not bothered if pick-pockets make away with a clean sum. Can you blame anyone?

Wedding (1)

I have just one question. Is all that money REAL NIGERIAN CURRENCY?

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