If people can get creative with food, makeup, we can do same with out style as well. Just incase you are looking at stepping out in white or green combos, the selection below will give you some inspiration. 

Enjoy!11934598_478066079021650_720985525_n Asoebi-by-WED-WEDDaily030 Asoebi-by-WED-WEDDaily001 @allurebyshiozie @agbanidarego @ade2tu @noeleen_o- @oref_a_soli_casuals @spicyoby @threads_n_buttons 11355847_456501527843285_1017694649_n 11375176_994060343958980_1301039409_n

Image Credit:- Select a Style/ Wedding in Nigeria


    1. @ Anon, Red and green is really a lovely combo. Think of Christmas, the colours bring life. I will share Green and Red asoebi styles very soon.

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