If there is one thing I do admire about this amiable, beautiful and industrious woman, it is her decision to be happy at all times. There is never a dull moment with her. Her designs are exquisite, her fabrics first-class and her resilience unmatched!

There is barely a high classed Nigerian woman who doesn’t have her deigns in their closet. For someone who loves fashion, it will interest you to know that beyond her passion to look stunning, she is also inspired to meet the needs of women who want to look good and stand-out without revealing much. “NHN Couture is an inspiration from God and this is rooted in our vision and mission statement –‘Bringing decency back to church first and the society at large, covered yet sexy, fabulous and simply classy’. This is our motto” she tells me.

Welcome to the world of Nkechi Harry- Ngonadi, born on born 18th November 1975, grew up in the ancient and beautiful city of Zaria in Kaduna State, lived most of her life in the North and attended the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University where she studied Urban and Regional Planning and is married with 2 beautifully amazing children. Ngozi is the CEO of NHN Couture.

NHN Couture sells fabrics to interested clients and their fabrics are gotten from all over the world “We use different kinds of fabrics; Lace like Guipure lace, Sequin Lace, Ankara, Velvet etc. We also have fabrics available for any budget. Our designs are beyond the ordinary, we do all these with focus on our motto. We are committed to upholding decency and dignity.” Says Nkechi.


On the vision of NHN she says “NHN is a vision on a mission to bring decency back to church first and the society at large. NHN is also on a mission to help build the inner beauty of women so it can be seen outwardly. The beauty of a woman doesn’t depend on her physical and outward beauty alone, it’s much deeper. You cannot exhibit what you don’t have. A woman of class assumes confidence, power, knowledge and wisdom. These four keys do not come from the external but comes from what she has inside and who she acknowledges as her God. Only Jesus can give you such completeness.” Ngonadi emphasises.

NHN is also into partnership with Lebanese international designer Fouad Sarkis, as their official retailer for Fouad Sarkis Couture in Nigeria. His outfits are stunning dinner/ceremonial dresses. In Nkechi’s words, “It is true that our forte is the African traditional look however, we chose to partner with Fouad Sarkis to meet the changing needs of the modern woman.”

The Foreign exchange rate is on the rise and NHN believes that doing business in Nigeria in times like this requires God’s intervention. “The exchange rate is alarming and business owners are feeling the pinch. It’s affecting a lot of things generally however, we do not compromise on quality. My customers know what they want and also do not like to compromise on quality so our essence still stands however, I am praying that our economy stabilises in no time. I can’t begin to imagine what new business owners are going through, it is indeed a challenging period but God is supreme above all exchange rates and recession therefore, if you put your business at the centre of His will, you will prosper even in the midst of surrounding scarcity.” Nkechi tells me.

Sharing further on service delivery, she says “our service turnover is 24/48 hours except if we are fully booked then, we schedule you for the following week for fitting and pickup. We deliver anywhere (local and International), but all cost and procedures are handled by the client.”

15043979_1163746903710863_832486411402739712_nDespite her very busy schedule, Nkechi sees family as priority. In her words “On Sundays we have a family tradition where we eat out together. This is a good bonding opportunity for us. Also, we never negotiate holidays; it’s a must for us. It’s our bonding time. Though busy, I chose to do something that will give me flexibility so I can spend enough time with my family.”

Today is Nkechi’s birthday and she is indeed grateful for life. “I am grateful for life. I am grateful for how far God has kept me even in the midst of various storms that I have gone through. People wonder why I always appear lively and bubbly, it’s because I have learnt to daily put all my worries at the feet of my Creator. I have since promised myself to be happy no matter what and I use my stumbling blocks as stepping stones to victory.

“I am grateful to God for the opportunity to be a blessing to people. Today being my birthday, I will be carrying out sales of our outfits and others exhibiting theirs too at give away prices. I do this yearly and it gives me joy when I see people buy elegant clothes at a price they never thought was doable. When you are opportuned to see another year, wisdom demands you give thanks to God and also put a smile on the face of another.”

culled from Business Day

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