A few days ago Mrs. Laye Ajube went viral on Instagram and other social media platforms when she was pictured with Ten Children, two girls and eight boys, She was believed to be the Mother of the Ten Children and yet people wondered how she still maintained a very beautiful and stunning look.

Are the ten children truly her own? 

In an interview with Daily Family, she shares a little about her family:



“…My husband was a divorcee before I met him and he had seven children from two different women before I met him. I am legally married to him.  I decided the children should live with me and let’s live happily like I am their mother, which I am forever. The reason is that nobody knows tomorrow… I have three boys; the last three boys are mine.



On why she agreed to settle into this kind of home

“We are one and nobody can separate us. When I started dating my husband, the first thing he told me was about his children. I asked him, “how many children do you have?” He said seven. And I said “Whoa, from one woman?” He said “No, from two different women.” And I said OK. Then whenever we talk, he would ask me, can I talk to his children? I would say yes. Then I talk to the second born always, then to the third, then one fateful day I heard a baby voice. I can’t guess the age at that moment. Then I ask my husband do you have a baby in the house. I know he doesn’t have a wife. He said yes he has a baby and I kept mute for a while. I asked him how old the baby was. He said two. I dropped tears. Did you know why I was crying?




Photo Credit:- Instagram/layeaside





Read the full interview on Daily Family.

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