model-runway-fashion-weekPeople may think that a model‘s only job is to look pretty — but they also have to learn to walk in some pretty crazy shoes!

And some are clearly better at it than others. During the ongoing New York Fashion Week one of the models fell THREE times while trying to walk the runway in a pair of fur heels.

The poor girl didn’t get very far before she took a spill on the concrete floor, composing herself only to fall again two steps later. Refusing to be “that model” who makes a fool of herself on the catwalk, she wisely went barefoot the rest of the way — to the cheers of the audience.

model-falls-fashion-weekBut when all of the models reemerged for the finale, she tried to manage the heels again, only to fail for a third time. Hey, it’s pretty clear that shoes made out of fur aren’t for everyone. 

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