A set of three-year-old twins in Thailand had a wedding ceremony to marry themselves because the parents believe that in a former life, the twins were lovers.

Dailymail reported that the boy is Teekatat Hiranmekawanit and the girl, Tawisa Hiranmekawanit had their traditional wedding ceremony held in Ang Thong province in central Thailand.

The parents said the marriage to ward off bad luck in future and because they are not married under law, they will find other partners in future.


Their mother, Sasi, said: “They must get married otherwise one of them will die. We provided the wedding ceremony according to our belief that in the olden days the boy and girl twins were soul mates but couldn’t stay together. They were reborn again in this life, they were reborn as boy and girl twins.”

As parents we must provide the wedding to let the angels know that the twins are happily in love and will be together forever. It is an ancient belief to show the angels they are in love and will never stay apart!”

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