And couples keep turning up the gear every time.

This couple should have had their guests pay tickets for watching this free concert. They practically turned it into a show.

Even the Bride was prepared. She wore high-tops and her reception dress was a baby doll dress.

According to the event planners, Sculptors Event Planners and Managers who shared the video, this is what they had to say:-

My years of event planning has taught me that you don’t need to have all the money in the world to have a fun wedding. The most important thing is the feeling of happiness and joy flowing around the Event. Chizzy and Victor were able to pull of this technical and creative entrance created by Sculptors Events. Victor who is a part and parcel of Sculptors Events played a major role when he helped us achieve the Best Couple Entrance Video, 3 years ago. We are glad that with his input we were able to create this master class entrance for him. Video Shot and Edited by SammyDigits Productions. This wouldn’t have been possible without SammyDigits. They helped us achieve, the Best couple entrance 3 years ago and we are pleased to have them on this one. Enjoy!!

Please watch!

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