Lagos_Airport_Iwelumo-2Summer is here, schools will be going on vacation soon and that means a vacation for many people. Before you rush off to pack or book your flight, learn some fashion etiquettes you must observe when you visit the following places:-

1.Wearing heels in Greece

Female feet in sandals with high heel and platform

If you show up to an ancient Greek site in high heels, you’ll have to tour barefoot. In order to preserve the sites, the government has banned shoes that could injure the monuments.

2. Frowning in Milan

There’s not much to be sad about in Milan — there’s prime shopping and plenty of pizza. However, should you feel down while touring the city, be warned, you should keep a smile on your face. It is a legal requirement in Milan to smile at all times, with funerals and hospital visits being the exception.

3.Going commando in Thailand

Thailand has a bunch of eyebrow-raising rules, but perhaps the strangest is the one that prohibits leaving the house without underwear on, so make sure you pack enough undies to last your whole trip. It’s unclear how they enforce this, but we don’t recommend finding out.

4.Chewing gum in Singapore

Singapore likes to keep its street clean. Chewing bubble gum has been banned in Singapore for over two decades. While the only penalty is a fine, it’s probably best to respect the city’s wishes and keep your gum at home.


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