Dara Bruce, 27 who is from Inglewood, Florida has allegedly spent spent $9,000 (22,837,250.00 naira) to fix her uneven breasts all thanks to her father.

The artist and part-time cleaner has now gone from and A and  C cup, to a D cup in both breasts. Dara explains that she hit puberty at around 13 and her breasts developed unevenly. She says that they grew at different rates, this made her deal with a lot of insecurity and depression as a teenager because of this. At age 17, she  visited the doctor again and was told it was common for this to happen, but wasn’t offered a solution. She had been unhappy with her breasts for years.


“It made me feel worse,’ she said. ‘In America, people constantly see pictures of women with perfect bodies and nice chests. I would wonder why I didn’t look like that. A couple of people knew about my breasts, including a guy I was dating. But, generally, I didn’t tell people. Because of this, I was not bullied for it. It didn’t bother my then boyfriend, but I was very hesitant to show anyone or even talk about it.’ She confessed.


In an interview with DailyMail, her parents, Daryl and Laurie knew how depressed she was. Her father told her that he was going to sell his house in Florida and there would be some money left so that she could have the surgery she always wanted which on her salary as a part time artist and cleaner she couldn’t afford.


She underwent a three-hour operation at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center in Florida on October 6 where her breasts were resized and her nipples reconstructed. Her father, Daryl, told DailyMail this:

“I decided to help her out,’ he said. ‘Because she has had a problem since she was 12 or 13
She’s my daughter and she has suffered with this problem all through school. I figured I could help her out at this point in time. I figured it would give her more self-confidence.”


Now after her surgery, she says she is more confident than she has ever been before and can wear a bathing suit or a bikini for the first time and not feel self-conscious. She is ecstatic that she can now get rid of all the breast pads she always wore to help her get through the years.

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