DSC_0333Jide Kosoko’s daughter, Shola, in this new interview with Punch Newspaper talks about her fashion and style and how she combines her acting career with motherhood. Read more below:-

How would you describe your style?
I am very simple when it comes to fashion. But if I have to attend a red carpet event, because of the nature of my job, I would have to look glamorous. I would wear an elegant dress definitely.
Do you like wild make-up?
No way. I don’t like it at all. I remember one day on set, the make-up artiste was just trying to impress me with her work. But by the time she finished making up my face, I screamed. It was too loud and I didn’t like it. I love simple make-up. It makes me look perfect. When I don’t have to attend an event or when I am not on set, I don’t even like wearing any make-up.
Oh, so your face can actually be free of make-up?
Do you engage the services of a stylist when you have to attend an event?
For make-up, I do engage a make-up artiste to do my face sometimes. At times, if I try to do it myself, I make mistakes. I only engage them when they are available. If they are not, I try a lot harder to fix my face on my own.
What of dress stylist?
I follow my mind and choose whatever I desire. At times, if I get confused, I call my friend, Mercy Aigbe, to help me out. She is a very stylish person. She will proffer solution. I could call on Doris Simeon as well. She is also very good.
You must have made a fashion mistake at some point…
I will not lie, I have done it before but it was long time ago. Then, I didn’t know that if you wore patterned pants, you should wear a plain top. But back then, I would just wear patterned pants on patterned top. It was later I realised it was wrong.
Do you wear things in vogue?
There are some things that would be trending but I wouldn’t just like them at all. However, when the style would almost be out of vogue, that’s when I would start to appreciate and even wear them. I wouldn’t even mind or care that they’re out of vogue.
Can you wear a dress that exposes your cleavage?
I don’t really like exposing my cleavage but there are some dresses you can’t help but fall in love with them. You would go ahead and wear such. You may know that the dress is exposing your cleavage but you would just wear it. Personally though, I don’t like wearing dresses that would expose any part of my body that is supposed to be hidden.
That means you can’t wear bum shorts and short dresses…
Those are not for me. I wear shorts but not bum shorts.
Transparent dresses that showcase ladies’ undergarments are trending at the moment; can you wear such?
No way. If you consider the nature of my job, you would also agree that I could wear such if I have to wear it on set. If I am playing the role of a prostitute, for example, you don’t expect me to dress like a holy person. It is only when I am on set that I can wear such. I am a married woman.
What does your husband like you to wear?
At times, I would want to ‘feel among’ since I am still young. But my husband will tell me that I don’t have to wear such. He is always there to remind me that I don’t have to follow trends or do things to make other people happy. He tells me to wear anything I am comfortable in. At times, I would just tell him I would be comfortable in a dress and I would wear it. But whenever we get home, I would put that dress in my costume bag and that means I would never wear it again because I must have felt very uncomfortable in it all through the event.
Does he dictate to you what you should wear?
At times he does that. He allows me to do my wish. There was a day we were going for a movie premiere. I decided to wear a very beautiful dress. The dress had a jacket but I refused to wear it. He told me the dress wasn’t okay but I told him I wanted to wear it that way. He agreed. We got to the hall and I saw my dad, Uncle Hassan (Ogogo) and Yinka Quadri. My dad called my husband and asked him if that was the kind of dresses he wanted me to be wearing. He couldn’t answer. I greeted my dad but he didn’t answer. It was Uncle Yinka that told my dad to leave me alone since I came with my husband. My husband felt embarrassed and expressed his feelings to me when we got home.
What do you like seeing your husband wear?
My husband likes wearing designers. He doesn’t wear any kind of shirt that does not carry a designer label. Men don’t have so many options. It is either they wear shirt or T-shirt or native.
Must it be designers for you too?
It mustn’t but I like designers as well.
How many tattoos do you have?
I don’t have any tattoo on my body. I don’t like it at all. Is there any reason I should like it? I just feel I shouldn’t tamper with my skin. So many people have tried to erase the tattoos on their body and it is very painful. If my husband likes it, I may consider doing it. For single ladies who don’t even know where they would end up, I don’t think it is proper. Anyway, it is their choice.
What of body piercing?
I just have one piercing on each ear. The first hole on one ear got so wide and I even thought it would cut off, so I decided to pierce another hole on that particular ear and I stopped using the first hole.
Are you a shoe freak?
I love shoes. I have so many pairs. I don’t think I want to mention the number of shoes I have. I have all kinds, including Italian shoes.
Do you have a particular perfume you use?
I use all kinds especially if they’re gifts. But if I have to buy, I can only buy Elizabeth Arden’s products.
Can we see you with your natural hair?
I always wear my natural hair. I also mat my hair. I love Didi hairstyle and I wear it everywhere. Anytime I have Didi, my dad would just unconsciously touch my hair. He would tell me my hair-do is very nice.
How long does it take you to dress up?
It takes me nothing less than one hour. It can be more. I take my time to dress up and I do it perfectly.
How often do you visit the salon?
It depends on the hair style I am carrying. If I am carrying braids, I will not visit the salon until I loosen it. But if I am carrying hair extensions, I might just wear it for two weeks or thereabout. I must always wash my hair as soon as I remove any extension I am carrying.
How do you maintain your fair skin?
I use any kind of soap. If I run out of cream, I can use any cream, especially baby’s cream. Since I am light skinned, I have to be mindful of the kind of cream I use otherwise I would just turn brown. There are just very few light complexioned ladies who would not at least tone their skin. I wouldn’t call it bleaching. I am naturally light complexioned and I want to maintain my colour.
Are you producing any movie soon?
Yes. I will be going on location soon.
How do you combine your job and your family?
I have been able to manage it. There are times one could affect the other. When I was pregnant, I worked till I got to my third trimester. After then, I travelled out of the country to have my baby. I didn’t work for four months. As soon as I got back, I started working.
Do you think you can ever be as popular as your father?
I am working towards that. He is very popular but I am getting there. He didn’t just get there, he worked towards that. Rome wasn’t built in a day and that is what I am trying to achieve.

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