No, I was not referring to Omawunmi’s “Bottom Belle”.


I was going through a post on Bella Naija about celebrating the great Genevieve Nnaji’s birthday today and as I admired and scrolled through the pictures, I could not keep my eyes off a certain aspect of her body. Hmm Hmm!


Please don’t get me wrong, I admire this woman in every sense of it and I must say she has proven herself to be a lot more than adjectives can describe. I also wondered as I realized, Genevieve and myself have something in common- you want to know?


It is “Bottom Belle” *whispering* . This is what I named that lower pouch of my belly which has refused to go after all these years. Look closer and you will realize what I am talking about in these pictures.


If you want to see what mine looks like, look closely at the pictures on my Instagram page.

You have seen it right? I have done everything imaginable- crunches, situps, press-ups, dumb bells, no eating of starchy foods- semo, eba, rice, bread, banana(yes I was told excess consumption leads to weight gain). Most times, my overall weight drops but “Bottom Belle” stays put. Though its a lot better than where I am coming from but there is still a long way to go.

Biko, when can I rock those crop tops without feeling guilty? When can I wear a bodycon dress without fear of the extra bulge?  I am sure, someone can relate. Most times I throw caution to the wind, at least it is my body.


A lot of people wish to have what I have so before I get that Almighty Formula to epp my case, I will love every part of me just the way I am. 

…and this is me right now.



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