Yolanda Adams

A lot of tall women are uncomfortable with their height, often dressing conservatively to divert attention from them, but it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! All you need are a few styling tips – and you’re all set!

1. Instead of avoiding broad-shouldered jackets or wide-legged trousers, pair a narrow piece of clothing with a wide one. For instance, wear a pair of skinny jeans with an oversized jacket, or a fitted top with wide-legged trousers.


2. Avoid wearing heels – this might be difficult for some. If you must, opt for mid-heel shoes. As a tall woman, however, your best option is a great pair of open-toe flats or sandals.

3. Avoid piling on the accessories. Stick to two or three to complement your outfit.

4. Go ahead and show some skin! A good way to balance it out is to show off one area at a time. For instance, pair a backless top with a longer skirt.

5. Show off your long neck, with pulled-back hair, a statement piece of jewelry or chunky earrings.

6. Try different hairstyles – long and short! A lot of tall women think they can’t pull of short hair because it makes them look too masculine, but it’s not true. Go ahead and experiment!

7. Don’t hide behind dull colours; add a splash of colour to your everyday outfits! It could be a pastel-coloured blouse paired with a great skirt, or a bright pair of flats which will bring life to your look!

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