There are so many herbal baths one can take but a green tea is one of the best. Taking the bath is a sure healthy way to unwind. You get to relieve stress while having the body benefit both inside and out. Green tea is popular for its antioxidant and detoxification abilities. This is whether one chooses to drink or apply it on the body.

It can relieve body aches especially painful muscles. If you have rashes, taking the bath can soothe them as well as contribute to faster healing of wounds. The vitamin B contained in the tea will soften the skin. The minerals in it are responsible for keeping the skin youthful, flexible and eliminating any of the harmful toxins. To get the most out of a green tea water bath, you need to know how to prepare it right. Before going in for a bath, make sure it is way past eating so that the food is already digested. Ensure to hydrate yourself by drinking enough water.





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