landscape-1432161595-470621679-2You’ve heard time and time again about the importance of removing your make up before hitting the bed for a good night’s sleep, and for a good reason too! Women tend to spend a good amount of time putting on make up, but rush through the removal process, or skip it altogether. Here is how to remove your make up the right way!

All you need is a good facial cleanser and eye makeup remover. One of the most important skincare regimes worth making time for is removing your make up thoroughly and correctly. 

By using the right products, you can be sure that even the stubborn products will come off easily, e.g. waterproof mascara. The more makeup you use, the greater the importance of using the correct remover. As opposed to using your fingers, dab some makeup remover on a cotton pad or soft tissue, working your way around your face and neck in gentle circular strokes.

Cleansing your face with lukewarm water is very important, not neglecting your hairline and jawline. The goal is not to harm your skin by rubbing too hard, but to gently dab away the make up products, giving your skin room to breathe.

Don’t forget to moisturise before you go to bed. It’s important to nourish your skin after stripping away some of it moisture alongside the make up.

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