heirloom-wedding-dress-11th-bride-120-years-old-abigail-kingston-2At her wedding, Abigail Kingston from Pennsylvania was the 11th bride ever to wear a 120-year-old wedding dress that had been passed down through her family from generation to generation.

The first bride to wear the dress was Mary Lowry Warren, who was married in it in 1895. The last bride to wear the dress was her mother, Leslie Kingston, who was married in 1991.

The dress was not without its troubles; when Abigail received it, the dress had yellowed and was full of tears and holes due to its old age. After 200 hours of painstaking expert restoration, she was still only able to wear it to the cocktail hour, as it was too fragile. See more photos below:-

heirloom-wedding-dress-11th-bride-120-years-old-abigail-kingston-11 heirloom-wedding-dress-11th-bride-120-years-old-abigail-kingston-4 heirloom-wedding-dress-11th-bride-120-years-old-abigail-kingston-5 heirloom-wedding-dress-11th-bride-120-years-old-abigail-kingston-6 heirloom-wedding-dress-11th-bride-120-years-old-abigail-kingston-10 heirloom-wedding-dress-11th-bride-120-years-old-abigail-kingston-8 heirloom-wedding-dress-11th-bride-120-years-old-abigail-kingston-9 heirloom-wedding-dress-11th-bride-120-years-old-abigail-kingston-7

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