OCC-Brushes-3159Most of us are guilty of neglecting our makeup tools , but if you suffer from skin concerns such as blemishes, remember its vital to keep your brushes clean to prevent bacteria being passed back and forth between your face and your brushes. According to bareMinerals ( they’re the UK’s number one brush brand) the, best process to cleaning your makeup brushes is by trying this step-by-step method, once a fortnight:

1. Wet

First wet the fibres of the brush with warm water holding them downwards. Do not hold them upwards or it may allow water to get into the ferrule and loosen the glue holding the brush to the handle. Try to keep both the ferrule and the handle of the brush dry.

2. Lather

Using a penny sized amount of brush shampoo, lather it into the fibres to begin washing the makeup out. Avoid lathering too vigorously to protect the integrity and shape of the tip of the brush.

3. Rinse

Use warm water to rinse the fibres free of all makeup and shampoo. Do not stop rinsing until the water running through the brush fibres runs clear.

4. Reshape

Gently encourage the water out without ‘ringing’ the fibres. Reshape them into the same form they were prior to washing.

5. Dry

Lay the tip of the brush over the edge of a counter to dry overnight. Laying it over the edge will allow ventilation from all sides, drying the brush fibres quickly. If either the ferrule or the handle become wet, immediately dry them off with a towel.

6. Use

If the fibres are dry, the brush should be ready to use the next morning. Just be aware that brushes containing densely packed fibres may take longer to dry.

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