Traveling for the first time can be super intimidating, Nigerian immigration, conflicting information, baggage limits, over packaging etc. I’ve come up with a few tips to help.


1. Go to the airport early, at least 4-5hrs before your flight. Nigerian immigration officials like to bully first time travelers. You need ample time to deal with their bullshit.
2. Check your baggage weight limit and make sure you don’t over pack. Paying for extra luggage at the airport can be expensive.
3. Immediately you step out of your house to leave for the airport do a “passport check”. Do another passport check 10 minutes later (because enemies😂).
4. Bring a jacket and socks for the cold especially for night flights. They are exceptional cold.
5. Use plenty lotion for your skin, flying dehydrates your skin.
6. Wear comfortable clothes, I personally won’t wear jeans or heels.
7. Make sure the money in your bag is not visible to airport officials, it will only intensify the begging.
8. Do not put valuable items in your checked in luggage.
9. Bring snacks, airplane food is small and annoying.
10. Make sure you reconfirm your hotel booking a day before your trip. Make sure you carry all the essential documents. Return ticket, hotel booking, travel insurance, yellow fever vaccination certificate etc.
11. Get a yellow fever vaccination certificate for the future. Most African, Asian, Caribbean and South American country require you to have it. Don’t get it inside the departure hall it’s usually fake.


Written by

Glory Osei aka nigerianabroad


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