italian-designer-handbagCheck this out: you spend top Naira to buy a Zara leather purse at the very least, and two months into it, you discover it is stretching or  peeling, what would you do?  Truth is you don’t have to imagine or conjure such frightening scenarios in your head when you could just religiously adhere to these tips below for your own sanity and that of your beloved leather bag. 1. Store them – store leather bags properly when not in use. They should be kept out of direct sunlight, in a closet or other area with good air flow. Sunlight fade and dry out leather. On the other hand high humidity can lead to mildew on the leather bag.

2. Water proof them – Spray leather bags with a water repellent protective spray before using them in rain or high humidity. 

3. Pack them carefully.

4. Keep caps on pen and other sharp objects, as they may indent or tear the lining of the leather bag. 

5. Keep lipsticks and other potentially staining items in protective cases. 

6. Do not over load your bag. Overloading your bag can stretch or break the handles. 

7. Finally, use leather protection and conditioning cream or spray on the bag at least twice a year.


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