Our hair is the most exposed part to pollution and dirt. Use of chemical based hair cosmetics are among the top factors causing hair damage. Coconut oil is beneficial for hair in so many ways. It can moisturize dry roots, help with dandruff and can be used as base for color.

It is one of the most studied essential oil for its uses. From centuries this tropical fruit has cured multiple health conditions. It contains lauric acid which is potent antibacterial. It can protect you from fungal infection and outbreak of bacterial colonies.

Coconut oil is good for internal and external uses. We have already covered dozens of scientifically proven health benefits of coconut oil. Some of them includes prevention of cancer, weight loss, teeth whitening, remove tanning and yeast infection.

You will find answers to these basic question people often ask:

  1. Is coconut oil good for your hair
  2. What does coconut oil do for your hair
  3. Does coconut oil help hair grow
  4. Does coconut oil help your hair grow back
  5. Is coconut oil bad for your hair

It is an amazing source of vitamins, minerals and medium chain fatty acids that regenerate dead follicles. Increasing its intake can benefit you from inside healing. Use of coconut oil in coffee is one of the common way to eat coconut oil. It has intense moisturizing abilities that promote faster growth.


Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Before you go put coconut oil in your head, understand how it is going to benefits your hair.

1. Soften Bleached Hair

Thanks to its moisturizing abilities coconut oil is used for softening hard hair shafts. Bleaching can cause breakage and may lead to damaged pores. People have been using bleaching product on their head which is not healthy, no matter how much those products promises. The medium chain acids are effective in reducing such hair damage to minimize any side effects. Putting coconut oil in hair after bleaching can soften the shaft and give them a shine.

2. Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Putting coconut oil in hair can help you grow them faster. It provide the vital nutrient required for speedy growth. Topical application moisturize the dry scalp with fatty acids that help faster cell generation. It help grow them longer, thicker and faster. Simple scalp massage will improve the circulation of blood which is beneficial for regrowth of hair.

Pollutants and chemical exposure can damage our skin cells. It prevent growth of cells and may lead to slow growth of hair. Coconut oil protect your scalp skin from side-effects of pollutant. It provide a protective coating on the shaft that keep the pollution away from direct contact.

3. Used for Hair Coloring

Coconut oil can penetrate skin faster and due to that, it is used for mixing hair color. It works as base to mix all the colors. The beneficial properties of coconut oil also include protecting your scalp from potential chemical damage from the coloring agent. Most of the hair dye comes with harmful chemical agent. This essential oil reduces their effect to minimum and increase the result of coloring.

Using it as base can be helpful in keeping the color for long period of time. It prevent fast fading of dye color and gives you long lasting result.

Put two tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in a bowl. Apply heat so that it get melted. Add all the coloring agent and herbs in the bowl. Mix them together for several minutes. With the help of hair brush, apply them accordingly.

4. Coconut Oil for Hair Loss

Use coconut oil as natural way to reduce hair fall. People have been suffering from drying follicles from centuries. Baldness is one of the most common heredity problems among American adults. Improving stimulation of scalp glands is another beneficial properties of coconut oil.

You must use this home treatment before sleeping. It allows the oil to penetrate deep in your head. The longer you will have it in your hair, the more effective it will be.

Mix equal amount of olive and coconut oil to make a hair mask. Use this mask on your head and wrap a plastic around your head. Keep it overnight to maximize the benefits.

5. Can Detangle Your Meshed Up Hair

Hair products and cosmetics can make them rough and causes tangling of shaft. Tangling cause pain when you comb and may lead to scalp bleeding.

Use of coconut oil on your hair can reduce the friction between two shafts. It help you get rid of dryness and make them slippery. Due to reduced friction you can comb your tangled hair.

Massage them with few drop of oil and allow it to work on it for 10 minutes. You can also apply this before going to bed or after taking shower.

6. Smoothens Curly Hair

People with curly hairs always complain about frizziness, dryness and tangling. Thanks to beneficial properties of coconut oil, it can help you solve all the problems of curly hairs.

Simple head massage with coconut oil before going to bed everyday can help you solve those problems. It also promote regrowth of dead hair follicles.

7. Coconut Oil for Dry Hair

Topical application of coconut oil on your head will reduce the dryness. It contains fatty acids that has nourishing properties. It increase the nutrient absorption abilities. High supply of nutrient is beneficial for healthy and thick hair.

Dryness can cause your hair to turn brown or grey. Both of them can be avoided with simple nourishment and by reducing use of chemical based products.

8. Reduce Dandruff

People who use chemical based shampoo, conditioner, and styling products for long time suffer from scaling of scalp. Treating dandruff symptoms such as itching, flaking, and dryness can be achieved with the help of nourishing coconut oil. Using coconut oil on your hair will reduce the dryness and nourishes the scalp.

Dandruff can lead to other skin conditions such as bleeding. It also increase the risk of fungal infection which can cause baldness.

9. Natural Deep Conditioner

Easy skin penetrating ability is another benefit of coconut oil. Deep conditioning help you nourish the hair and protect them from damages such as dryness, split ends, thinning, discoloration, and baldness.

Use of coconut oil is beneficial for protecting your hair from sun damage. Increased global warming and pollution can increase the speed of cellular degeneration. It causes thinning of hair shaft and split ends. Deep conditioning your scalp and hair can be helpful in reducing sun damage and improving the quality of your hair.

10. Reduce Thinning and Get Thicker Hair

Coconut oil hair treatment is beneficial for reducing thinning and environmental damage. Exposure to chemicals and styling products such as straightener and curler can make them thin and fragile. Use of coconut oil is good for regrowing your hair thicker and more healthy.

Styling products and excessive use of shampoo degenerate the cell which exhibits the damages. One must understand that with home remedies, you must eat vitamin E rich foods to improve the scalp health. Healthy diet along with the use of coconut oil on hair can really improve the thickness.



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