How To Use Camphor Oil For Treating Acne

Did you know camphor is one of the main ingredients in most acne and zit creams? This crystalline substance is extracted from the barks of the camphor tree. It offers a myriad of benefits for skin health, including the prevention of acne. And lucky for us, Camphor oil can be used for acne as a home remedy.

Camphor oil is rich in antioxidants which help prevent skin damage. The antioxidant activity also helps repair damaged skin cells, bringing your skin back to life.
The oil helps reduce inflammation, swelling, and redness on your skin. This helps calm breakouts.
Camphor oil is also a great astringent which makes it ideal for acne-prone skin types. It helps tighten your pores which, in turn, prevents pore-clogging.
It helps balance the oil production in your skin. This helps control acne in oily skin types and keeps breakouts at bay.








  1. Hello tomi,I have dark circles around my eyes,what can I use to clear it??I used some DIY scrub(baking soda,ACV & lemon)I had acne like rash on my face after using so I stopped.You mentioned using coconut oil & honey on your skin,I stay in the north east and the sun here can fry egg so I am not considering it cos of turning to charcoal)I’m a little lighter than you).I currently use st ives lotion and black soap mixed with honey to bath.Please what can I use to clear acne scar,clear dark circles around my eyes and tighten my pores?I have gone through your videos on YouTube but I want a recommendation from you.Please pardon my long epistle,I want to glow for my husband ni

    1. Hi dear,
      Its okay. I hope i get to answer all of your questions.

      1. To clear dark circles around your eyes, use fresh cucumber slices or fresh aloe vera gel till it becomes lighter.

      2. You can also use fresh aloe vera gel to tighten your pores.

      3. To clear acne scars etc, get Irish potato, grate it and extract the juice and use it all over your face for dark marks. It works wonders.

      4. Finally, in order not to be darker, get organic honey and almond oil and add these in your body cream. It will maintain your skin colour.

      I hope I answered all.

      Thanks a lot.

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