11176400_813819261999285_735096751_nI am so so in love with these beautiful head pieces created by Funmi Olurinola of Abeke Makeovers– who says Nigerians are not talented? She says she created these styles out of a need for trendsetters and belles of the ball who need something different.

This is a breath of fresh air- I think I have also gotten somewhat tired of the layers gele(not that it is going anywhere soon), but it is always awesome to have something new. This gele is so good that Celebrity Fashion Designer, Deola Sagoe rocked it recently with one of her designs to a party. See more colourful styles below. I am so rocking this soon.Deola-Sagoe-in-Deola-by-Deola-Sagoe-BellaNaija-June2015001 Deola-Sagoe-in-Deola-by-Deola-Sagoe-BellaNaija-June2015002 11189272_427108430803804_1310634506_n 11189669_1438763329769569_1590744623_n

Image Credit:- Instagram/abekemakeovers


  1. So annoying that there’s no tutorial for something so cute… I’ve exhausted my data plan surfing YouTube for this.. Not sure of d name so d search becomes even harder… Heard its called “avant garde” but I can’t find a tutorial anywhere.. Y d style without d tutorial.. That’s just not fair. Anyway I’ll keep searching!

    1. Hello Michelle, I understand how you feel. I honestly don’t think there is a tutorial yet. Its not a unique design but a makeup artist revamped it and made it popular and most sought after.

      Are u on Instagram? Please check @abekemakeovers, she is the originator and if you have questions you can get in touch.


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