Myths-And-Clarifications-On-Slimming-TeasA lot of overweight ladies resort to different methods in order to lose weight; exercising, observing weight loss diets, skipping meals and drinking slimming teas. Findings have revealed that drinking slimming tea is the most dangerous method of them all and users believe that the caffeine in the tea is potent enough to increase body function to help burn more calories. 
However, many experts have noted that what users are actually drinking from tea is a plant-based laxative that can cause certain disorders like diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, fainting, chronic constipation, and perhaps even death when consumed in excessive quantity. If you want to lose excess weight by drinking slimming teas, make sure you don’t use it wrongly. These teas are special herbal teas that shouldn’t be taken alone but with the right amount of balanced meals and this is where users miss it. The best method is the longer but safer one. Cut out red meat, fried food, full cream milk, white bread, starchy rice, junk food and exercise regularly.

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