11421936_1607369942837604_1113018575_nActor Uti Nwachukwu recently caused a stir in faraway Los Angeles when he walked the streets and beach of the city in native Nigerian attire.

Uti who is also a TV host wore a black dashiki and a red hat which caught the attention of the locals. According to the actor, he said some of the Americans looked at him as if he was a masquerade. See his caption below:-

Walking thru the streets of LA dressed like this will get u too much attention especially at the Beach. Dem turn me to New Masquerade if only I could capture some expressions” he wrote on his Instagram account today.

He further wrote “Plus trust me Na. As them approach to ask me what’s up with my look I tell dem with big voice : IM A PRRRRINCE FROM NIGERIA! Sote one come shout: “I told Yall!!!!.

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