natural-kinky-hairHave you been trying to grow your hair for a long time? It might not just be ideal to invest only in hair products. Some people have even tried all the intensive-conditioning masks in the world, but it looks like having a healthy hair is just something to fantasize about to them. Here are foods that could help you get the hair you want…

1. Eat More Foods With Vitamin D Source

According to a recent research, a daily chunk of foods with Vitamin D source will go a long way in helping to thin your hair. It helps in healthy heads of hair. To get more D in your diet, try fish sources like salmon, sardines or canned tuna, or fortified dairy sources like milk and yogurt (look for ones specifically labelled as fortified with vitamin D).

2. Eat more proteinous food

For more hair to stay on your head, adequate intake of proteinous foods is almost the answer. There are assertions that if your iron intake is adequate, your protein consumption is, too. A recommended intake of 46 grams per day for women is sure enough to give your hair the desired growth. You can however help yourself more by having a mix of lean meats – chicken, pork and  eggs .Greek yogurt as well( if you can lay your hands on it), with Almonds.

3. Eat More Healthy Fats And Antioxidants

For a thicker head of hair, you might want to also try consuming healthy fats and antioxidants. A recent study suggests that the combination of essential fatty acids and free-radical-fighting antioxidants may have more benefits than either on their own. Basically, your healthy fat diets and antioxidants are very beneficial to not just your health but your hair!

Image Credit:- Journey to Long

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