Keeping fit is a goal that we must always adhere to; there is no waiting period, no pauses, fitness is a lifestyle and the sooner you understand this, the better for your body. One of the first rules of keeping fit is watching what goes into your mouth. Every fit fam knows the importance of staying clear of the meals or snacks that add too much calories into your system however there are some snacks that are healthy sources of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates is what your body needs to produce energy and to keep you moving so its not a mineral that you can write off.
Here are 3 snacks that you thought were not healthy enough for you but you can eat and still shed weight;




1. Bananas are a high source of carbohydrates, fat and are almost always too sugary but its only too much if you go with the one’s that are overly ripe and consume too much. The green bananas however are not a problem. One or two a day should do.


2. Branflakes cereals is a quick snack that we can fall back on when there is absolutely nothing to eat or we have to munch down something before we head out. Some cereals contain too much of everything but the whole grain cereals like Branflakes are perfectly fine for you.


3. Popcorn is a crowd favorite, the yummy and tasty snack doesn’t intrude on your weight loss goals, asides from the fact that it is rich in fibre, a cup of pop corn contains just 30 calories therefore you can have four cups without affecting your weight loss goals. If you are not sure of the sugar quantity used, why not make some for yourself- but please when visiting a cinema, you have to purchase theirs. That should be fine once in a while.

YES!!! Guys these 3 snacks can help you loose weight because you don’t have to be afraid of your calorie intake as far as you don’t binge them

The rule however is consume moderately. Consuming a lot will eventually add up to your Calorie intake. 



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