braids-1The rains are here already! And with constant humid weather it’s safe to check out appropriate hairstyles to cop for every day -hopefully no one wants to deal with frizzy hair or limp/lacklustre hair before the end of  each day.

It’s time to get the weaves out and get on board protective hairstyles suitable for the season.

As the weather calls and with what salons are ‘saying’, braids are the best hairstyles at the moment- the good news is they don’t have to be boring.braids-3 braids-4

Gone are the days when braids were plain, these days, colours, types of extensions used, styles and more all make braids even more fun.

From box braids, twists (braids), Knitted (braids with wool), kinky dreads, dreadlocks as braids there are lots of options.braids-8 braids-6 braids-5 braids-2

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