11931133_775069899285097_1696905066_nWow! I am so inspired by this woman. Popular comedienne, Lepacious Bose, whom has been known as plus size has been working on getting her weight off for over a year sharing her exercise routine and eating habits online. 

Today she says she is very happy with her current size and for the first time in 15 years, can tuck in a shirt. See more photos below to see her progress.11909367_1606774326255547_1001949516_n 11809926_585557708251562_987618443_n 11376275_1449042268735228_2043968271_n 11190267_1450660991893852_595358091_n 11123912_1646700332210172_679172320_n 1517033_861732747184556_663965558_n 10895500_937694482927820_1606141874_n image (2)

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